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Hello, let me tell you a little about myself so you can make up your mind if I am the right marriage celebrant for you.

I grew up in North East Tasmania and was blessed with three children in my early 20s; a boy and twin girls. They were (are) the light of my life and my focus for many years, having put my career on hold to raise them, travel and enjoy all that life has to offer.

For many years I have worked at the Launceston General Hospital, helped promote fundraising events and am a proud member of the local Rotary Club. I have a diverse look and understanding of life and love through helping others — I believe there is nothing more fulfilling.

Speaking of love, it was finding the love of my life that has pushed me into this career as a marriage celebrant. We were so humbled by our own celebrant choice, the way she spoke and reflected our values really pushed me into the position — it’s the reason I am here today.

By getting to know you as a couple, I will tailor your ceremony to your dreams, crafting the words to a perfectly matched couple.

I will prepare and deliver a special and unique ceremony that not only both of you will cherish, but that all your guests will remember forever.

So tell me your story, I would love to hear how you met, some of your most memorable moments together, a touch of humour, and of course why you love each other enough to be bound for life.


Sonia x

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